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A complete solution for rental companies of equipped and / or virtual offices.

Communication thorugh the cloud ... 

We offer a complete solution

Nowadays, the companies that offer the rental service of virtual and equipped offices, as well as "cowork" are involved in the proposal of other additional services related to telecommunications in an indisputable way. One of these services is telephony through switches, IP telephone lines, automatic answering, conference tools, among others. 

In the process of digital transformation of the companies they are opting for more comfortable and flexible operation models, this is how many companies focused on offering physical and virtual office spaces have been developed, which apparently could seem like a mainly real estate business has great challenges operational, since each person could represent a company with very specific technological requirements ... but do not worry, that's what we are for!

We have the technical and operational experience to manage the different telecommunications services that customers may request: telephone numbers from different parts of the world, automatic operator with personalized greeting in multiple languages ​​and schedules, voicemail or fax with automatic email notifications , call recording, audio and video conference services, etc.
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Services Proposal

Virtual PBX

Cloud switch with advanced digital functions, which adapts to the size of your company, business model and national and international presence

IP Telephony

It can be installed on an IP phone or Smartphone with a basic internet connection or receive calls on a conventional landline / mobile phone without internet


System for audio conference rooms with access numbers in multiple cities and countries, minimizing connection costs.

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