Voice or SMS communication for mass notifications.

Sending automatic notifications of general or customized mass messages of VOICE or SMS through a web administration platform, whether you want to contact your customers immediately about any news of interest, payment due or even simply to wish a Happy birthday to increase customer loyalty

You choose the best option


With Clever WARNINGS you can reach a large number of people in an instant by sending an automatic VOICE or SMS message by means of a written or prerecorded message sent to a contact list in an efficient, fast way, without much investment of time and resources.


  • Schedule date and time of shipment

  • Online Call Log

  • Call recording

  • Simple messages for notifications or with IVR options for multiple responses.

  • Campaign Status Control Panel

  • Call reports (successful, busy, voicemail, etc.)

  • Customizable caller ID


  • 1 or 2 way messages

  • Individual or massive messages

  • General or custom messages

  • Schedule date and time of shipment

  • Campaign Status Control Panel

  • Delivery Status Reports

Whatsapp vs SMS ... 

SMS messages still remain a more efficient means of sending mass notifications vs. WhatsApp or other similar applications as users do not require a data plan and you can have reports of campaign results for statistics management.

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