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Ideal services for Call Center, NOC'S and customer service centers.

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Our solution for Contact Centers is comprehensive. We have at least 4 ideal services for the proper functioning of a Call Center. These services range from the switch system, specialized telephony, to the software for the agent console, among other useful features such as tools for technical support agents and the execution of sales campaigns.

Not all cloud solutions for Callcenters are the same.

Our services can be adapted to different types of needs, from a CallCenter that offer its services to third parties, to companies that want to implement it within your own business, since we offer a modular and integral solution of services through a web platform with unified communications and value-added services that allow the complete management of your CallCenter, eliminating the “silos” of technology, reducing costs and integration complexity.

Services Proposal


Web platform with omnichannel services (voice, sms, chat, email, social networks) for any type of CallCenter.


CLICK2CALL of type button (widget) that can be inserted in a web page and allows the multimedia communication of a user from a browser with a conventional agent or line


Web Portal allows you to send massive VOICE or SMS messages individually or in bulk with a general or specific message, so that information can be released instantly.


Local telephone numbers and 800s with multiple dedicated channels or on demand to receive simultaneous calls, with presence in more than 50 countries and 8,000 cities.

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