Connect, manage and control your IoT devices worldwide

Millions of connected devices will change the services and the world as we know it today, we are part of this change by connecting the different sensors and telemetry devices to vertical solution platforms from basic telemetry solutions to Smart Cities projects by connecting them through networks mobiles of different operators and all managed through a web platform to access information in real time for decision making.

Main features

Simcard Global

Tuna single simcard to operate in multiple countries with one or more operators with 3G / 4G connectivity (depending on availability).

Robust Simcard

Made of special materials to increase its useful life, greater tolerance to humidity, vibration, temperature


Centralized, facilitating administrative procedures in multiple countries.

Control platform

With web access to manage the service life cycle, real-time consumption, alarms, services, etc.


Online diagnostic tools for the service to identify possible incidents and their causes


Functionality of IMEI lock so that it cannot be used in other devices.




Of simcard on global map using LBS (location based services) without


In a very basic way we can say that M2M is a service of self-management of connectivity with a high-performance mimcard.

Its main attributes are Control, Security, Savings, information and online reports for decision making, growth flexibility, custom business plans.

M2M solutions are mainly based on data communications and sms. 

The service is available in more than 17 countries in America and 32 countries in Europe (see Coverage section)

The M2M service can operate from a basic GPRS speed up to 4G

If it is possible to use the service on any type of device, but it is designed primarily for equipment that requires high performance and availability. It is important to mention that initially the service does not have voice service, so it is not a service to replace a simcard on a Smartphone.

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