Clever PTT

Instant personal or group communication.

Our PoC (Push to Talk Over Cellular) solution for the corporate segment incorporates instant voice (PTT) services, private messaging (Chat), panic button (SOS) and geolocation (GPS) in a single application, which can be installed in a conventional or robust terminal depending on the application. Additionally, it has a Dispatch Console for centralized management and geolocation of agents that are not available in conventional “trunking” radio systems.

PTT benefits

A service that integrates four different technologies

Better Control and Personnel Management thanks to the continuous contact with the collaborators

A single device for multiple needs: PTT, normal calls, Internet access.

Possibility of integration with other traditional PTT systems (MRLs)

Real-time communications at the press of a button

Universal coverage

Scalability and Flexibility to implement solutions from 2 to thousands of users

Low investment costs in infrastructure and operation

Fast and secure voice messages for 250 users in a single group

Location by GPS position and user status

Reduction and predictability of the cost of voice and message service

Increased productivity due to reduced wait times

Main features:

  • Instant group and one-on-one communications using mobile phones, tablets and PCs at the press of a button.

  • It uses different types of private and public networks:, WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Satellite.

  • Semi-duplex calls (1 user speaks at the same time).

  • Individual or group private instant messaging.

  • Positioning and status of users from the Dispatch Console.

  • Tracking History

  • Data usage optimization (8kbps talking or listening)

  • Wide range of terminals and accessories (Android and IOS)

  • Dispatch Console - Communications with users from a PC connected from anywhere.

  • Geo-location and user presence

  • Centralized provisioning of users using Web tools.

  • Recording conversations and priority calls in the user's terminal.

  • Panic button with remote voice channel opening. 

Managment Console

-All PTT client functions
-Supervision of activities. 
-Geolocation and user tour
-Real time visibility of user status
-Voice recording
-Private chat
-SOS alarm display
-Call history

We offer packages of: 

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