Clever LINE

Separate your personal line from your business and give a better corporate image to your customers

That forced contracts, high equipment and service costs are not a problem for the growth of your company. Think GLOBAL, act LOCAL and hire a DID (virtual line), Toll Free (free access number) or SIP Trunk (outgoing calls) and expand your presence in 200+ cities in Mexico or 10,000+ cities around the world in 65+ countries using only an internet connection.

How does it work?

Telephone calls from conventional numbers are converted to Voice over IP (VoIP) and are transported through the internet to our system and through our alliances with different telecommunications service providers, we terminate the call wherever you want anywhere in the world : conventional or digital switch, telephone line, mobile, PC, IP phone


Virtual Line

We offer phone numbers in more than 65 countries and 10,000 cities to expand your business and be closer to your customers, its activation takes only a few minutes, not weeks. Hire a new line (DID) or check if there is "availability" and "Number Portability" to keep your same number and receive all the benefits.

Toll free

Free access number

Telephone numbers for free access from landlines, mobiles or telephone booths in more than 30 countries.

SIP Trunks

Outgoing calls

Save more than 40% on outgoing phone calls to fixed, mobile, national or international destinations through prepaid plans so that you only pay for what you consume or unlimited plans with a fixed cost. The SIP trunk is an efficient, secure and economical option to connect conventional telephone or IP switches to the cloud, if you need to replace your device using only an internet connection and thus be able to use new digital services.

Receiving multiple simultaneous calls.

Online consumption detail

Call recording

Simultaneous ringing on multiple devices.

Automatic operator (IVR)

Voicemail (voicemail)

Frequent Questions

Si, solo es necesario validar que exista el servicio de portabilidad numérica en el país deseado

Conexión a internet básica con 20 kbps disponibles por llamada simultanea. 

No, la aplicación se activa automáticamente al recibir una llamada (Push) en un aplicativo movil. 

La llamada de Clever LINEA se pondrá en espera automáticamente al timbrar una llamada convencional, por diseño de los sistemas operativos, ninguna aplicación esta por encima de las funcionalidades básicas del teléfono. 

No, en realidad es posible realizar llamadas ilimitadas sin costo adicional siempre y cuando se lleven acabo entre dispositivos Clever LINEA.

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