Personnel Management in Field, Device and Forms in a single application

We revolutionize the way of using the Smartphone by adding a geo-location and telemetry ecosystem, creating a powerful tool that allows us to have control of our personnel in the field and vehicles at all times. Crea manages and consults your forms to optimize your administrative processes and provide a faster and more efficient service. You do not need specialized hardware or software, the application can be installed in minutes on any mobile device

Excuses are over

Manage your staff in the field

Your field staff will have a list of all the forms you need to carry out your daily information capture activities and some special functions such as taking pictures, signing capture, QR code scanning, points of interest, etc. directly from a mobile device or tablet.

3 Solutions in the same Application.

Dynamic Forms

Design the ideal form for each process of your field operation, just as you need it.

GPS Geolocation

Thanks to real-time monitoring and the point of interest tool, you will never lose sight of your field staff.
No more delays, missed appointments or use of working time for other activities.

Mobile device management

The screen lock through the web platform allows you to limit access to the phone in case of loss; while the intelligent automatic lock allows you to maintain supervision and avoid accidents:


Intelligent Route Management Module.

The optional services module helps you to automatically assign tasks and their routes to optimize travel times using tools such as Google maps.

Portable Device

We also offer the option of portable equipment so that it can be used in transport vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. in a permanent or eventual way and that can be visualized in the same Management and Monitoring interface.
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